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Measure the Processor & GPU (CUDA/ATI) temperature.
RegulateS the run time of the program, so that the Processor temperature and or GPU temperature doesn't exceeds a set temperature.
Automatically connects to the BOINC client.

The program runs on Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7/8 and works on Intel and AMD machines. The installer combines a 32 and 64 bit version.

Please READ the manual first.
To download TThrottle use "Download" above.
The download is an automatic installer to [program files][efmer][TThrottle].

Select a temperature, check "Auto active" and TThrottle handles the rest.


Running BOINC.


Display the temperature of all, a couple of cores and the GPU. In minutes or days.


Or a full screen graphic, for detailed analysis.

graphic scalable

The temperature of the cores in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


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  • Einstein@home

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